Who is andy dating in tears of a tiger

Erin Lindsay and Kelly Severide are both highly dedicated to their work and to each other.Now they have baby Shay to fit into the equation, how will they manage the struggles of parenthood while maintaining their careers? blackhawks captain and hometown hero, matt casey, has one goal for the upcoming season: win another stanley cup for chicago. he never factored in the fiesty paramedic who would steal his heart.however, there maybe be one saving grace, in the form of aaron shore. Pepper is very pregnant- just weeks away from her due date. A two-perspective Emron fic written by Tumblr users @designatedtrash (Emily) and @aaron-emily (Aaron).She is showing signs of reaching the end, but needs to quickly pop over to NYC for a meeting. Gabriela Dawson and Matthew Casey are together for over a year, but since Gabby started her candidacy in her fiancé's truck, their relationship began to be in a shaky state. "The president needs you, Aaron, and he's not the only one," She wasn't sure how it happened, but the next thing she knew, his lips were pressed firmly to hers and Emily was tasting the saltiness of her own tears.

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" Time might heal all wounds, but they learned the hard way that some scars were forever. Severide takes Travis up on his offer to go to Buenos Aries much to Casey's surprise but when Casey can't reach Severide after a few days, he takes a trip that lands both of them in a world of international hurt and danger. Gabby Dawson and Matt Casey meet under different circumstances.

It had been 3 months since Gabby Dawson's life went from perfect fiancé, planning a wedding to a broken engagement and soon to be single mother.

Gabby and Matt were perfect for each other, but the job got in the way of the relationship and the relationship in the way of the job.

(it's the blackhawks/chicago fire au that nobody - literally nobody - asked for)"Despite what you may think, you are wanted and needed by so many people, and Em," Aaron sighed.

"You are so, so loved, and I refuse to let some deadbeat scumbag make you think otherwise." This is me, trying to fix the absolute disaster of an episode that the writers created.

But as the past catches up with one, will it affect the other and destroy the new starts both are working hard to create?

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