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This course gives instruction on fundraising for advocacy organizations, issue campaigns, and non-profit service organizations.The course curriculum covers fundraising best practices, donor identification and cultivation, grant research, and grant writing.The Harris County Democratic Party works hard to elect Democrats who will represent the people of Harris County in fighting for economic, social, and environmental justice.Come join us in screaming helplessly at the sky around 8 pm regarding our frustration over the first (hopefully last) year of 45's presidency. We can order a drink in a toast to our hopes for impeachment and commiserate with each other.The top states for refugee resettlement are California, Texas, and Michigan.

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Grassroots leaders, candidates, campaign staff, or enthusiastic voters are urged to attend. Lillie is currently the Harris County Democratic Party Chair and has been enriched in the Democratic Party her whole life.

12pm to 1pm Offline 1pm to 5pm Exploring Careers in Politics explores the number of lucrative career opportunities for women in the political sector and touches on transitioning professionally into the political sector.

Campaign Strategy 101 teaches one how to think "politically" and navigate the political landscape whether running for office, planning for a career in politics or working in advocacy.

The companion course Fundraising for Advocates gives instruction on essential fundraising skills needed for advocates.

Fundraising for Advocates is a companion course to our Advocacy 101 course.

Please join CHILDREN AT RISK, in partnership with Shell, on November 8th to engage in a meaningful and timely discussion of the current reality of urban education in Houston.

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