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They’re one of the Capel sites I found online that carries her line. This is my creative outlet where I write about design, share projects that I’m working on and show what’s happening in my life.

If you can’t get enough here, I’m also on Pinterest, Houzz, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Instagram and Linked In.

As of now, the host of the first season of 'The Bachelor Canada' is single with no signs of dating and girlfriend.Everybody deserves to have a great home."Yip also started a family; He and his husband wed 12 years ago. After the first failed marriage with television host, Genevieve Gorder is the actor dating someone else? Tyler; known for his roles in the movies like I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show and Honey is currently single.ended its original run, some of its stars traded fame for...bigger fame! TLC's president announced Tuesday the network is reviving the show, a series many viewers consider to have made the home decor and improvement programming trend even more popular.The original , in which she prepared the White House for the holidays for the Obamas for eight years. "There are multiple projects going on with multiple networks so until those contracts are signed, I can't say anything but I'll say I'm launching my line of Land of Nod furniture tonight. There's wallpaper and rugs.""And I've been a bit all over the world," she added. Let us find out about his affairs and relationships here!!!!

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