Who is linda chung dating

Later on, Linda angered TVB executives again by attending the premiere of Philip's first starring film "Sifu Vs Vampire(天師鬥殭屍)".

Ultimately, Linda was frozen by TVB and her starring role for a drama series was changed to a cameo appearance.(ahmike.com) It is said Linda has been easily irritable and agitated due to stress from work.

Using a map from the Internet, he found the location, but before he even reached the door, he knew that this was not an ordinary clothing store.

It was called "Leather or Knot," and it seemed to be a kinky sex shop.

During Linda's first ever concert last year, Linda invited Philip without the consent of the company and angered the executives.

They then used superstitious reason to stop her album recording and changed direction to promote Jinny Ng(吳若希) instead.

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CBS2’s Valerie Castro estimated that about 200 people were gathered across the street from the building on the sidewalk.

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The currently 32 years old Linda Chung(鍾嘉欣) has been dating Philip Ng(伍允龍) for eight long years.

This is not the first time the two of them were rumoured together.

Last year, the media speculated about their relationship when Ruco, who was involved in a minor accident, revealed that he and Linda carpooled together on their way to "Brother's Keeper" promotional event when it happened.

There was a rumor that she got angry with Philip when he put cream on her face during his birthday.

After waiting for her boyfriend's career to take off and with Linda getting older every year, she decided to end the eight years relationship in February.

Even though she was involved in rumors with Ruco Chan(陳展鵬) and Desmond Pang(彭紀諺), Linda has always been in love with Philip Ng.

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