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Thankfully, this is not a major problem in San Antonio.

But it is important to keep our City Council members accountable and in check.

More leadership opportunities will encourage citizens to get involved in local government and will bring every citizen in this city closer to their representative.

Regardless of the outcome, San Antonio’s City Council has been 11 seats – the mayor and 10 single-member districts – since 1977 when the city population was around 750,000, a little more than half the current population of 1.4 million people.

“I’m not sure we have a modern process in place for making data-driven changes to the number of seats on City Council,” he said. Certainly.” Here are a few notable problems with our current citizen-to-council member ratio that could be addressed by increased representation. I sent an email to the 10 City Council members and the Mayor soliciting their thoughts on increasing the number of representatives. Some council members may have chosen not to respond; it’s more likely that my email was lost in over-crowded in-boxes tended by overworked staff members.

Gallagher alluded to this problem: “If we are going to do our jobs right, what is the number of constituents per council member that can make that possible? Attacking the problem of low voter turnout and civic engagement can come in many forms.

Councilmember Nirenberg Calls for Election Date Change As Election Nears, City Launches SA Tomorrow Plan Civic Engagement in San Antonio: Room for Growth, Innovation #SAvotes…Sorta.

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