Whos dating kirsten dunst


A transfer student to a rough high school tries joining the cheer-leading squad and she not only faces off against the head cheerleader, but against her former school in preparation for a cheer-off competition.

The remarkable thing is that the acting and dialogue raise it a bit above the minimum required and the cheer leading dance sequences are a revelation for anyone who thought it was just about waving arms in the air and shouting support for the football team.

When Berke Landers, a popular high school basketball star, gets dumped by his life-long girlfriend, Allison, he soon begins to lose it.

But with the help of his best friend Felix's sister ...

See full summary ยป In the 1960s, a group of friends at an all girls school learn that their school is going to be combined with a nearby all boys school.

They concoct a plan to save their school while dealing with everyday problems along the way.

When fate brings together two high school seniors from opposite sides of the tracks, it's something crazy/beautiful.

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