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I still don't understand how you haven't yet been billed for property damage." Weiss commented earning a sheepish look from Yang as she looked off to the side trying to appear nonchalant. "Nora shook her head and pushed the door wide open revealing Pyrrha and Ren searching around the room in haste. At first we assumed he went off to an early morning training regimen…" Pyrrha trailed off when Nora chimed in for her."But then we saw that both his scroll and all his equipment including his sword and armor were left behind." Nora added earning an increased look of alarm among the girls."Arc is probably just off doing his own thing like purchasing comic books or making a call at the CCT to his family.The team waited a few seconds until the door opened revealing a mildly distracted Nora. " She asked looking at them curiously wondering what they were here for."Hey Nora! You all might be probably overreacting to this." Weiss offered and both redheads shook their heads in denial."That's just it; he's never done anything like this before.Aren't you at least a little curious as to what this is about?

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"Now now, ladies, no need to argue with each other."The link was inside a message sent to the personal inbox on my scroll and I'm fairly sure you all might have gotten it too, meaning you could all view it on your own scrolls." He stated matter-of-factly earning a collective face-palm from all of them.The rest of them each brought out their personal scrolls and reacted in utter surprise when noticing that the very same message link was indeed in all their inboxes."How or why did we receive this?We get it, Blake; Hollywood cinema can't do storytelling right." Weiss said in a snarky way."We could always stream a movie in our dorm room then, one of actual integrity and not a needless remake without heart that is injected with a political statement.Another option on the table is that you could all just go into town without me and leave me to my books." Blake retorted heatedly.Yang got up and strode over to the dorm room's television and placed her scroll in the docking port letting the projection appear on a larger screen for everyone to view in its entirety."There, now we don't have to hover all over our scrolls.

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