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Bearing in mind then that we are dealing with English Translations which are more or less faithful, more or less interpretive of the original language text of the Bible, how should we pick our Bibles?

Well the first thing to say is--- one size (and type) does not fit all.

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The Bible actually is consistently the best-selling book of all in any given year, and it never makes the bestseller lists.Thus Eugene Peterson's or Ken Taylor's paraphrase or J. Phillips translation done all by himself, is less likely to be accurate at all points than a team translation.Principle Two: But of course not all teams are created equal.You can tell this is a lucrative business with so many secular companies involved in the battle for Bible sales, even major University Presses like Oxford and Cambridge.Yes, its the most owned book of all time, and in far to many cases the least read or studied.Words only have meaning in contexts, and this is as true of words in the original Biblical languages as ours.

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