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To get the certification, one doesn’t have to have a license, or a college degree, or any work experience.A person needs only take 60 hours of training (a week and a half of classes) and to pass a test.Racked reported on Friday that Neiman Marcus was no longer selling Ivanka Trump's jewelry line.The retailer is one of more than two dozen that have been targeted by a protest movement to boycott all companies associated with the Trump family.Nordstrom, which has also been a target of the protests, said Thursday that it decided to stop carrying Ivanka Trump's brand because of declining sales.

After a series of escalating episodes, Mayor Ford recently went away to rehab for two months. Marier is both a sponsor and recovery coach; the lines are blurred. Marrier to be helpful and supportive and that Donny’s life is better for it. Legitimate professionals do not approach people at Mc Donald’s looking for work or to haggle them (car salesman and Jehovah’s Witnesses do, but let’s give some respect to the word legitimate). Unfortunately sober coaches can become as much of a crutch for some clients as the drinking and drugging once was.The lack of a barrier means that almost anyone can be a recovery coach and that it is difficult for consumers to find viable help. Mellon: “He’s the most enduring relationship I’ve had,” said Ms. More grist for the mill from the : “Addiction is a disease of isolation,” added Ms.There are websites and organizations springing up to offer credentials in recovery coaching in order to give them the appearance of legitimacy. Mellon, who keeps her sobriety coach on a retainer to ensure he will be there for morning chat sessions and late-night calls and to accompany her to stressful events. Karr, 59, who has a 28-year-old son (she starts “Lit” with an open letter to him).These days, when she’s not on a tour bus with a rock-star client or on a film set with an actor, Ms. “Today’s pill-popping moms are a far cry from the bored, suburban housewives of ‘The Valley of the Dolls.’ They’re taking opioids, which are dangerously addictive.Powers rides her bike from Wall Street to Carnegie Hill, where she weans mothers from Vicodin or Klonopin. If you’re trying to withdraw from Oxy Contin, a doctor might prescribe Suboxone, which is even harder to kick than heroin.” So we have unlicensed, untrained professionals helping people get off of dangerous drugs and charging money for it. Powers heart is probably in the right place, and she appears to have had a few success stories.Powers, 53, a former heroin addict, was an art director at Area, a prominent nightclub in New York during the 1980s, before moving to Los Angeles to get clean.

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