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Surprisingly, apart from that one drunken lapse at the election night party, he had never been unfaithful to Yoko and, even with her compliance, he had no idea how to go about it. Inseparable: With Yoko at a news conference in New York in 1973 'So then I suggested Los Angeles,' she remembers, 'and he just lit up.' The problem was that, since his earliest days as a Beatle, he had never travelled anywhere alone or had to fend for himself. Yoko looked over the various young females in their circle and chose May Pang, a 22-year-old Chinese American who worked as an assistant to both of them. He said he'd feel more comfortable if any affair she had was with a brother musician.

He talked enviously about a fellow British rock star who simply went to the bar at the Plaza Hotel each night and sat there until some young woman picked him up and they adjourned to a suite. They even discussed a candidate, guitarist David Spinozza. 'I wouldn't mind having sex with him myself.' So John flew to Los Angeles with May Pang, for what May thought would be a two-week stay.

As the grunts and groans of her husband having sex with another woman came through the wall, somebody put on a Bob Dylan record to try to drown the noise and spare Yoko's blushes 'but we heard it anyway'.

She tried to stay calm, and asked one of her assistants to go in with a flower for John and tell him she still loved him.

He had expected it to go away when he hooked up with Yoko, but it hadn't. 'I'm madly in love with you, but why do I still keep looking at girls in the street? In New York, where they lived, they were invited to a party at the home of a Left-wing activist on the night of Richard Nixon's re- election to the White House in 1972.

Upset at Nixon winning again, John was totally out of his head on drugs, pills and drink.

Media reports started to swirl she had a stroke but her rep quickly walked that back.

Ono's rep tells TMZ the 83-year-old began to feel sick and called her doctor.

But John's sexual restlessness could not be ignored - and one day Yoko decided to confront it.

She was an increasingly unresponsive lover and John taunted her that she was like a Victorian wife - 'you just lie there and think of England'.

More than friends: John Lennon with his assistant May Pang at the end of the Seventies They often discussed the raging sexual hunger that had been so easy to indulge when he was on the road with The Beatles.

She remembers: 'We made love and it was very good - he was very good. There was then some discussion, albeit not very serious, of whether he should stick to his own gender.

It had nothing to do with the quality of the lovemaking. 'John said: "It would hurt you like crazy if I made it with a girl. I went to May and said: "You have to accompany John to LA because I have things to do here."' 'I didn't say: "Do it" or anything like that. But I knew what might happen, because he was never without somebody, never on his own.' On John's side, the possessiveness and jealousy that had dominated and sometimes soured his relationship with Yoko disappeared completely - or seemed to.

The assistant, understandably, refused, and Yoko was left with much to think about. She and John had sacrificed a lot to be together and it was worth it because they were so much in love.

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