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I am ready to enjoy the rest of my life with a truly extraordinary woman. Only one way to find out…Great conversation—always. Nix flowery language (never use the word cuddling if you'd like to be thought of as masculine, etc..) 4.

I appreciate different perspectives and stimulating thought. Giving some life to your words by creating color and specific examples 5.

Losing a love interest could mean you gain a wingman.

Other physical activities range from working out, to playing football and yoga.

I am mature enough to admit when I'm wrong, and I try to learn from every mistake. Other Regular exercise, meditation, and riding my racing bike help keep me centered. ), I like adventure and travel and have done plenty of both, but I’m not an adrenaline junky.

I stay active and will try just about anything once, except if it involves jumping from a height (skydiving, no thanks! I scratch my itch for frequent adventure by riding my new racing bike whenever possible.

When you’re out with him, you can count of him to talk you up to his friends or other guys in general. You gain a “Netflix and chill” partner that really just wants to chill and watch Netflix.

Sometimes we just want someone to watch Netflix and eat pizza with and that’s it.

Here’s why you should look on the bright side of keeping your relationship with him platonic: You get to have an amazing guy in your life.

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